An ounce of prevention costs much less than emergency repairs to your system

A well-maintained system provides consistent comfort, runs more efficiently, and reduces your energy consumption.

Regular inspection helps identify and fix small issues before they cause disruptive breakdowns.

Keeping Your Equipment well cared for from the beginning gives you the peace of mind that it will work when you need it.

Avoid the stress of unexpected breakdowns.

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreements are custom-made to fit the units in your home:

A one-time annual fee covers the cost of one air conditioning maintenance and one heating maintenance

You automatically receive a 10% discount on any additional service calls throughout the year on equipment covered under the agreement

You are ensured priority service and scheduling

We remind you when it's time to schedule!

Receive a free video duct inspection and complimentary dryer vent cleaning with a scheduled duct cleaning appointment from Best Air Cleaning Services


per System
  • Inspect and flush drain lines
  • Check refrigerant charge with test guage
  • Visual inspection all wires and controls for discoloration and burnt wiring
  • Inspection of the blower compartment
  • Inspection of the evaporator coil for corrosion or rust
  • Inspection of the condenser coil for corrosion or rust
  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat
  • Inspection of electric terminals and connections


per System
  • Inspection of the blower compartment
  • Inspection of water pressures for proper pressures using a water guage
  • Cleaning of the burner tubes for potential blockage
  • Inspection of the water feeder for proper operations
  • Inspection of all fittings for rust and leaks
  • Inspection of the pilots (either stand alone or intermittent)
  • Overall visual inspection for any leaks
  • Inspection of all controls


per System
  • Cleaning of the burner tubes for potential blockage
  • Inspection of the ignition and ignitor
  • Inspection of the flame sensors
  • Cycling of the heat for proper functions
  • Inspection of all safeties including the high limit switch and the pressure switch
  • Inspection of the inducer motor and the gas valve
  • Cleaning of the condensate trap for potential blockage


per System
  • Start up the humidifier at the start of the heating season
  • Inspection of the water lines
  • Cleaning of the trays that the humidifiers sit in for blockage
  • Replacement of the humidifier pad (annually/bi-annually)
  • Replacement of the humidifier canister (annually/bi-annually)
  • Replacement of the humidifier water panel (annually/bi-annually)

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- Kenny M. (Google Review)

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