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7 DIY Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over. With more of us working-from-home and our kids doing distance learning it has become even more important for us to make sure our HVAC system is ready for the coming winter.

Doing a few simple home DIY maintenance tasks can help you have the peace of mind that your heating is working before it gets cold.

Download the Fall Maintenance Checklist to help you get started.

Ask us about our Heating Maintenance! Our Comfort Specialists can perform a detailed inspection & maintenance of your boiler, furnace, and humidifier.

Our Boiler Maintenance includes:

  • Inspection of the blower compartment
  • Inspection of water pressures for proper pressures using a water gauge
  • Cleaning of the burner tubes for potential blockage
  • Inspection of the water feeder for proper operations
  • Inspection of all fittings for rust and leaks
  • Inspection of the pilot
  • Overall visual inspection for any leaks
  • Inspection of all controls

Furnace Maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning of the burner tubes for potential blockage
  • Inspection of the ignition and ignitor
  • Inspection of the flame sensors
  • Cycling of the heat for proper functions
  • Inspection of all safeties including the high limit switch and the pressure switch
  • Inspection of the inducer motor and the gas valve
  • Cleaning of the condensate trap for potential blockage

Humidifier Maintenance includes:

  • Start up the humidifier at the start of the heating season
  • Inspection of water lines
  • Cleaning of the trays that the humidifier sits in for blockage
  • Replacement of the humidifier pad (annually/bi-annually)
  • Replacement of the humidifier canister (annually/bi-annually)
  • Replacement of the humidifier water panel (annually/bi-annually)
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