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What Could Happen If You Ignore Your Boiler?

What could happen if you ignore and don’t keep your boiler maintained? Unfortunately, one of our customers had to learn the hard way. They did not have their equipment maintained for over eight years. During that time buildup collected in the boiler which began restricting proper flow of heat through the unit.

Eventually, there was enough restriction to completely block the flow and trap heat within the heat exchanger. Gradually the trapped hear rose to extreme temperatures resulting in the heat exchanger cracking and the metal exhaust pipe melting. The entire boiler had to be replaced.

This issue could have been avoided if the unit was regularly maintained.

See for yourselves:

What our technician saw upon initial inspection of the boiler.
Metal flue that was melted from the trapped heat.
Metal flue and exhaust vent.
Cracked heat exchanger.
Debris and buildup in the boiler trapped heat.
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